Original Music

Song writing is something that is part of who I am, I would do it no matter what.

The feeling of creating something from scratch, from something that inspires me, a strong emotion, or the way three or four chords weaved together in a certain way makes me feel. It’s second to nothing for me, and is a real avenue for me to express myself.

Like everyone reading this, I’ve experienced a lot of highs and lows in life, and writing about the whole spectrum brings me a great balance and even a sense of perspective and sometimes even ‘closure’ (if that is even a thing). I write songs predominantly for myself, it’s a release, a kind of catharsis. I believe writing in this way, without much in the way of compromise, keeps the song writing honest and closest to the actual emotion I’m trying to share, to project. Writing in this way may not mean that my songs appeal to the masses, and that’s totally fine with me. I always want to write honestly, like about how I actually feel about whatever the subject might be. I don’t ever want to write something because I think it’s what people want to hear.

I would just hope that a small minority will connect to the point or feel of the song, or that they somehow feel that the song could have come from them, that it could even be about them or someone they know. After all, we’re all the same in so many ways, and so beautifully different in others. A lot of the subjects that I cover may be personal, but they’re also very universal,
my wish is just that people might find their own enjoyment and connection to what they’re hearing from me, that it rings true, or even that they just like to sing along with a certain line or whistle the chorus.

And that there is one of the greatest rewards of writing and performing a song (When someone sings your song back to you, or takes the time to come up to you, or write you after to say how they enjoyed it). I’ve been lucky to have had that happen just a couple times and it truly is a lovely thing. For that to happen on a larger scale would be a dream come true.

Speaking of dreams.. I wanted to share another of mine with you. I’ve always said that I’d perform one of my songs on Jools Holland’s ‘Later’ show one day. That show has been like the ‘Match of the Day’ to my musical life. All my favourite artists have played on it and I have imagined stepping up to the mic, holding my guitar about to play the first chord of a song in countless dreams and daydreams.

It feels like that dream becoming reality is so close and far at the same time.

Like anything in life, you only have a chance of succeeding and fulfilling your dreams if you put the work in, and I am doing everything in my power to get closer to that first goal.

On this page I will share videos and links to my original music for you to listen to.
I would appreciate and encourage you to let me know what you think of them. Let me know how they make you feel, if they remind you of anything, a situation etc, and what your favourite is.
And tell me if you have similar dreams to mine, or even if they’re completely different.
I am very interested to know.
I’ll keep you updated on my journey to Jools!

Also, if you like a song and you think your friends might too, please share with them.
And please share any music you think I might like to listen to, whether it be your own or an artist or band you think I might like.
Let’s do this!
Thank you for reading.


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