About Jordan

J.R. Hemingway

That piece of paper, had nothing on it, but now it’s this beautiful thing, now it has life.
It starts with just a few words and then you feel something connect and you know you have something. There’s no better feeling, than a song you believe in that inspires and moves others, to a smile, to tears, to sing, to the words and melodies I have created.
I love that the listener and I can find a different meaning in each song. That’s the beauty of it; people use the music in their own way, to heal, to remember a moment in time, to celebrate, to inspire, to rise after defeat, to understand heartache, to love. I say this because music has been all these things to me. You can trust that in every word I write my purpose is for you to live that moment with me.
I would be honoured to share my musical journey with you and my wish is to be a part of yours.
I am Essex born and raised; at a young age I knew my calling was music. Inspired by front men like Bruce Springsteen & Caleb Followill and with a desire to create my own art, I bought my first guitar. As I got older and my confidence grew I started writing. I started a band in my late teens, a ‘rock’ band with some good friends, playing Killers & Foo Fighters covers and experimenting in my own music.
Writing gave me a freedom of expression that I had never known before, a way to heal the wounds the world had given me. Lyrics are my Therapy.
It wasn’t until my early twenties that I realised the stage is where I come alive. After a few open mics I felt a buzz from seeing and feeling people respond to my songs. The more I performed, the more I grew. Gigging solo, playing in bands and speaking with likeminded artists has taught me priceless skills that all contribute to my music.
I had the honour of performing at both my younger brothers’ weddings, I sang my little sister down the aisle at hers (with tears in my eyes). It was a chance to give them a gift that meant the world to me and the first steps toward music becoming more than just a hobby or my own personal therapy.
Whether it’s singing at your wedding, laughing at my niece making up dance moves to my songs or hearing you sing along at a gig, I am doing what I love and I want each person listening to feel it.
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